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End Of Year Plans

It’s the final countdown! Now if only I could get that old Europe song out of my head… Anyway I’m planning on staying home for the big change over myself. And with all the snow that we’re getting in Spokane right now, I’m betting more than a few people may change their minds about going out.

I’ve been going a little Python crazy lately. Last night while renting a few new years eve movies at the local Hastings I discovered they had a copy of Programming Python and snapped it up. I’ve pretty much decided to make Python my language of choice for right now. We’ll see how that goes.

Rain In Spokane (That Doesn’t Rhyme)

doppler radar of Spokane vicinity It’s finally raining here in Spokane after a very dry September and October. Image courtesy The Weather Channel.

Of course at work today I had to haul a printer all the way across campus and then back again in the rain. And it especially figures since I just washed my car for the first time in ages on Saturday. Ahh well. I love rain.