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First Weekly Address From President-Elect Obama

It was recently announced that President-Elect Obama will be doing weekly YouTube addresses to the nation rather than the more traditional weekly radio address U.S. Presidents have done in the past.  A simple yet highly worthwhile change that embraces today’s information on demand paradigm.  Here’s the first one:

Not a whole lot of new information if you’ve been following politics in the last couple months, but a decent first step towards improving government accessibility and transparency through technology.

Bowling Tech

Technology is popping up everywhere these days and bowling is as much a candidate for innovation as anything. It’s probably been at least twelve years since my local bowling alley (Silver Lanes) added a computer scoring system, but I remember thinking that was so cool at the time compared to the traditional paper and pencil method. Of course my dad did teach me how to properly keep score in Bowling during my freshman P.E. class back in high school (yes, I got an A in his class).

RAM Technologies

MacWeek has an informative article on upcoming RAM technologies. It’s disappointing, but not surprising, to see various companies like Apple (firewire) and Intel (Rambus) pushing the proprietary technology standards that require licensing fees. Of course interestingly enough in the case of both those examples the same two companies are developing competing technologies which is a good thing.

Here’s Cringely’s solution to the Microsoft monopoly.