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Battlestar Galactica: No Exit

There were a lot of significant revelations about the Final 5 and Cylons in general during No Exit, the latest BSG episode, but there was one key quote from Sam that I hadn’t seen anyone else pick up on yet:

Back on Earth. The warning signs that we got… They looked different to each one of us. I saw a woman Tory you saw a man. Funny, no one… no one else could see them. Galen you thought you had a chip in your head.

Now maybe it’s just me, but that sounds a heck of a lot like the visions of Six that our good friend Gaius Baltar used to experience. In fact at one point he even thought he had a Cyclon chip in his head that Six had placed there. Sam finishes with the revelation that the 7th humanoid Cylon was named Daniel and we learn via Ellen that John (Cavil) destroyed Daniel’s entire line in an act of extreme jealousy.

Except I don’t think Cavil completely destroyed the Daniel line. At this point six of the seven people we know to have had visions are confirmed Cylons (the Final 5 + Caprica 6 and her visions of Gaius). I think Gaius is a Daniel model, probably the only one remaining in existence after Cavil destroyed the rest. Given his sadism and propensity for tinkering it seems likely that Cavil might even have taken the last Daniel and reprogrammed him a bit to exacerbate his most human flaws as a final revenge before deploying him on Caprica as Gaius Baltar.

At this point we still can’t explain the visions and Starbuck’s resurrection, but there certainly appears to be some kind of external guiding force that has had a hand in events since at least the destruction of Earth.

Hey That’s Patrick Scoble!

Mary was watching the Today Show when I got up this morning. I was working on getting packed up for my ride into work and not paying too much attention, but I did notice when they started talking about the iPhone. Suddenly there was a clip of a familiar looking kid answering questions about his iPhone. Hey that’s Patrick Scoble isn’t it? Yep, a moment later they identified him with a title on the screen.

Now I’ve never met Patrick, but I know who he is because I’ve read a few of his blogs and heard about him tangentially via posts from his dad Robert and Dave Winer over the years. A year or two back he did a couple podcasts with his dad that I enjoyed as well. Needless to say he seems like a pretty cool tech savvy kid and I enjoyed seeing and recognizing him on national television this morning.

My Mr. Wizard Memory

I was a big fan of Mr. Wizard’s World on Nickelodeon back in my elementary school days (and like Wil Wheaton I was a huge Third Eye and You Can’t Do That On Television fan as well) so I was saddened to hear the news that Don Herbert had recently passed away. Thinking back, the first science experiment of his that comes to mind is the time he poured a layer of pollen on top of an aquarium filled with water so that he could submerge his hand without getting it wet. I’m pretty sure that I later replicated his experiment successfully (not sure if I used pollen or a similar powder) and every spring here in Spokane when yellow pine pollen is coating everything I immediately think of that episode. Thanks for the fond memories Mr. Wizard.

Pirates Of Silicon Valley

Ferris II beat G-Prep II by about 20 tonight and I assume that Team I beat Medical Lake (they were playing at the same time).

My mom finally got to meet Mary this evening when we went out to pick up the tape my parents made of Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Pirates was pretty good I thought, although it definitely over dramatized some characters and was factually incorrect in some ways. Still I think it did a good job of capturing the essence of the times and people.