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WPtouch Plugin

I probably don’t use my iPhone to surf the web via Mobile Safari as much as some people, but one recent trend I have noticed on a few blogs is themes specifically designed for optimal iPhone consumption. I did some research and it turns out that there is a great WordPress plugin called WPtouch that allows you to offer a highly customized and mobile friendly theme for visitors using Mobile Safari. Since WPtouch is a plugin it operates side by side with your standard theme and only iPhone (or iPod Touch) users get the new user experience.

Always one to want to try the latest and greatest web technologies I went ahead and installed WPTouch on axodys.com yesterday. I’m still experimenting and tweaking the settings quite a bit, but the results have been pretty good so far with minimal work on my part.

Here’s what the front page of axodys.com looks like in an iPhone thanks to WPTouch.

One subtle feature about the calendar icons that I noticed (but isn’t visible from this picture) is that each month has a distinct color. It’s very evident that the developers of this plugin paid a ton of attention to little details like that.

This is a shot of an actual post page.

I also whipped up a quick iPhone home page icon using this handy web iphone icon generator, but it’s not reflected in my original screen shots.

I’m looking forward to playing with WPtouch further and adding it to a couple of my other blogs. If you’re looking to add similar mobile functionality to your own WordPress blog quickly and easily I suggest you check it out.

Thank You get_date_from_gmt()

So it turned out that the Fresh From Friendfeed and Twitter plugin was only assigning gmt time stamps to the blog posts it created. That’s why I was running into the weird posting order for my imported tweets yesterday. I’m kind of surprised that a plugin that’s been around for quite a while would still have this bug- it seems like something most users would want a fix for. Here’s my solution:

In the function get_post($post_date) change this line:

$obj->post_date = $post_date;

to this:

$obj->post_date = get_date_from_gmt($post_date);

I haven’t tested this for Friendfeed itself yet, as I primarily use Twitter, but I thought I’d put this out there for any others that may have been having the same issue. I’m also going to try to contact the plugin author with this fix to see if it can be incorporated in the next revision.

Easy Web Redirection In WordPress 2.5

Josh Spaulding recently had a pretty good guest post on his blog covering the uses of web redirection, especially in regard to affiliate marketing. The one thing that post lacked was a good practical explanation of how to implement that functionality in a WordPress blog. I was kind of surprised since WordPress is so ubiquitous in the internet marketing world and I know Josh uses it to power his own blog. Luckily it just so happens that I know a little bit about this topic and can fill in some additional gaps.

Basic WordPress Redirection Plugins

There are several WordPress plugins that will do the job and eliminate the need to set up hand coded php redirect files. While there are commercial plugins out there that cost $50-$70 to incorporate this functionality into WordPress, rest assured that you can save your money and still get excellent results.

The simplest plugin out there is called GoCodes and it allows you to create redirect links from your blog in the form http://blog.com/go/yourlink. GoCodes works fine, but requires a modification to your .htaccess file and is not very flexible.

Link-Cloaking plugin for WordPress is similar to GoCodes, but offers a few more features and the ability to substitute a different word like “recommends”. Using recommends to preface a redirect is pretty common practice among internet marketing bloggers and yields urls like: http://blog.com/recommends/someproduct. This plugin is also dependent on Apache and a customized .htaccess file to work properly.

The Hot New Redirect Plugin

While the above two plugins make creating static redirects easy, there’s a relatively new plugin currently in development called the WP-Affiliate plugin that it is even more powerful. It requires WordPress 2.5 or later, but it allows for multiple categories of links and provides simple link tracking as well. Since I’m running this blog on an nginx server rather than apache, I was especially impressed that it worked fine with my existing configuration and didn’t depend on a custom .htaccess file (nginx doesn’t use them) to function properly.

Links and categories are created right within the post writing interface.

Initially, I was confused as to where you create the new links and categories, but it turns out that the plugin incorporates the link creation functionality directly into the post writing interface. This is incredibly handy since you can quickly create URL redirects while working on a single post.

The built in link tracking statistics information was pretty thorough as well.


While there are a variety of free plugins that can make web redirection in WordPress pretty simple, if you’re running WordPress 2.5 or later, the WP-Affiliate plugin is definitely the way to go in terms of power and functionality. Furthermore as powerful as the plugin is right now, it’s still being developed and things like built in Clickbank support are being incorporated. I fully expect this plugin to make a big splash in the WordPress IM world in the coming months and become the free defacto standard.

Weekly Project List

Once I get our taxes wrapped up in the next day or so I can finally get back to making some progress on the various online projects I’m working on around here. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Help my brother Micah move a few of his sites over to our slice on slicehost.
  • Pillar content for axodys.com.
  • Help Mary launch her new blog.
  • Develop a new theme (most likely modifiying an existing one) and install various plugins I’ve been thinking about for axodys.com.
  • Install/develop a new theme for 100km.us.
  • Look into wordpress plugin development.
  • Start one Bum Marketing affiliate campaign.

That’s a pretty good list to start with and it actually gives me several different things to write about this week. Putting together a list like this should help me be more productive as well as I work through it.