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Thank You get_date_from_gmt()

So it turned out that the Fresh From Friendfeed and Twitter plugin was only assigning gmt time stamps to the blog posts it created. That’s why I was running into the weird posting order for my imported tweets yesterday. I’m kind of surprised that a plugin that’s been around for quite a while would still have this bug- it seems like something most users would want a fix for. Here’s my solution:

In the function get_post($post_date) change this line:

$obj->post_date = $post_date;

to this:

$obj->post_date = get_date_from_gmt($post_date);

I haven’t tested this for Friendfeed itself yet, as I primarily use Twitter, but I thought I’d put this out there for any others that may have been having the same issue. I’m also going to try to contact the plugin author with this fix to see if it can be incorporated in the next revision.

Weekly Project List

Once I get our taxes wrapped up in the next day or so I can finally get back to making some progress on the various online projects I’m working on around here. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Help my brother Micah move a few of his sites over to our slice on slicehost.
  • Pillar content for axodys.com.
  • Help Mary launch her new blog.
  • Develop a new theme (most likely modifiying an existing one) and install various plugins I’ve been thinking about for axodys.com.
  • Install/develop a new theme for 100km.us.
  • Look into wordpress plugin development.
  • Start one Bum Marketing affiliate campaign.

That’s a pretty good list to start with and it actually gives me several different things to write about this week. Putting together a list like this should help me be more productive as well as I work through it.

WordPress Overhaul

Axodys.com is long overdue for a WordPress overhaul. I’m a few versions behind and there’s a variety of cruft to clean up.

I’ve installed the latest version of WordPress (2.2) on another site I’ve been working on and it seems like a pretty decent evolution. Based on this summary I found it seems to be a mostly incremental release. That’s not really surprising considering it’s probably the most flexible and powerfull blogging platform around.