2017-10-17 10:05 ☼ link

The new MacBook keyboard is ruining my life

Maybe it’s a piece of dust,” the Genius had offered. The previous times I’d been to the Apple Store for the same computer with the same problem — a misbehaving keyboard — Geniuses had said to me these exact same nonchalant words, and I had been stunned into silence, the first time because it seemed so improbable to blame such a core problem on such a small thing, and the second time because I couldn’t believe the first time I was hearing this line that it was not a fluke. But this time, the third time, I was ready. Hold on,” I said. If a single piece of dusts lays the whole computer out, don’t you think that’s kind of a problem?”

Between the problematic reduced travel keyboards, the touchbar, and the price hike justified by it I’m really disappointed in how this MacBook Pro generation turned out.