Axodys Day 1

1999-01-24 18:00 ☼ post

I’m finally starting to make a little progress on my site here. Things are still pretty rough, but at least I’m getting a feel for how I want to do them.

My plan is to generate some kind of outline renderer that will format everything into table based blocks. Time to start learning UserTalk I guess.

Nichole has been on my case to get something going with my site. That’s good actually because it’s kept me motivated to get my act together. So thanks Nichole… and you make good brownies too by the way. My family came by and brought me some chocolate cake this afternoon. It was tasty! While they were visiting we also talked about their plans to purchase one of the new flavored iMacs. I think they’re going to get a blue one and I’m going to sell them my 64MB so-dimm and buy myself a new 128MB. That should leave both of our iMacs in really good shape.