Opponent: Mt. Spokane

1999-01-29 23:00 ☼ post

I survived my visit up north to Mt. Spokane high school. The JV team is still not playing at the level we’d like. Of course they did win by 30 points…

I picked up a new green mechanical pencil called the Technician II between games. It works quite well.

Hats off to Mt. Spokane for their play in the varsity game. They played even with the Ferris varsity up until the last 3 or 4 minutes of the game and ended up losing by a surprising 4 points.

Tuesday we play Rogers and on a related note I just watched my first tv news sports low-light of the year. Rogers was playing LC in a close matchup and Q6 was showing some shots from the game. Then right in the middle of the piece a Rogers player travelled as he started to drive and they wasted a couple seconds worth of tv time on his meaningless layup following the turnover. Even worse they added insult to injury by making a stupid comment about the whole thing. I really think we could have done without that bit.