Live From Seattle: Rushmore

1999-02-14 19:00 ☼ post

Yes indeed, I’m live from Seattle today. The drive over yesterday was pretty good. Overcast off and on, and it was wet on the road along the pass, but otherwise clear sailing.

I went to Rushmore yesterday. It was funny, poignant, and very good.

It’s now evening and everyone’s off doing the romantic stuff that you typically do on February 14th. So I am of course all by my lonesome for the moment. I am actually quite enjoying being by myself right now.

I haven’t gotten to interact much with my friend Jesse so far this weekend because he was fairly sick yesterday. Today he was somewhat better and we had lunch at Pagliacci’s (unfortunately their site doesn’t seem to be functional yet), but afterward he came home and went to sleep. However a funny thing happened, a girl by the name of Katie called and not three minutes later he was out the door and I haven’t seen him since. Perhaps he’s got a little love bug to go along with whatever else is ailing him.

Earlier today my friend Holly helped me pick out some nifty new green Birkenstocks. This is my first pair so perhaps in some small way buying them today was a momentous occasion for me.