The Phantom Menace

1999-04-06 22:00 ☼ post

Hey, I’m almost caught up here again. I seem to have a lot of little things I need to do that I’ve been putting off. I guess tomorrow will have to be the day to accomplish stuff.

The third episode of Futurama was on tonight and I think it’s picking up steam. Bender is definitely the best character on the show.

I’m going to The Matrix again on Thursday.

The latest issue of Wired has George Lucas on the cover. It’s amazing to think about how much his vision has driven movie industry technology in the last 20 years.

I guess some people are predicting a $100,000,000 opening weekend for The Phantom Menace. I wonder how many screens it will show on here in Spokane? I would love to see it opening day, but I’m sure it will be insane.