ArtFest and Interplayers

1999-06-05 22:00 ☼ post

Today was an awesome day! Mary came over around noon and we walked over to 4th and Jefferson to catch the shuttle to Artfest over in Brownes Addition. It’s been going on for over ten years, but neither one of us had heard about it prior to seeing info on it in the Inlander this week.

Artfest turned out to be a pretty neat little festival. Definitely an order of magnitude smaller than Bumbershoot, but there was plenty of good artwork, good food, and interesting stuff going on. There was even some live music, specifically blues and country western while we were there, but certainly not limited to that over the course of the weekend.

Artfest wasn’t even the highlight of the day’s fun though. That night we made the short walk from my apartment down to Interplayers to catch their season finale, Moon Over Buffalo. I hadn’t seen a live play in ages and this one was completely hilarious! Mary and I are definitely planning to catch a lot more plays.