Work, Filemaker Pro, and Summer League

1999-06-10 22:00 ☼ post

Work was kind of interesting today.

I started exploring the web publishing aspects of Filemaker Pro 4 and came away fairly impressed. I can’t believe it had never occurred to me to try it out in the last year or so that I’ve been interested in connecting web pages to databases. I think it’s totally something that the School of Education (where I work) could put to good use.

I’m of course still very interested in Frontier and Perl as backends to websites. Definitely plenty of stuff to keep me busy for a long time to come.

Team III had another game and once again struggled against an older and more skilled opponent. We did manage to come alive in the fourth quarter and get it down to two (after a 10+ point deficit) before finally losing by four. The good news is that they have a week of camp to turn things around prior to their next game.