Gore Bradley Town Hall Meetings

1999-10-27 19:41 ☼ post

Tonight Bill Bradley and Al Gore had the first of several planned town hall meetings. I forgot about it until just now, so I missed any chance of seeing live, although I don’t have cable anyway. Luckily for me CNN has it on Real Audio. Check it out here.

I like Senator Bradley quite a bit, but one of his responses on how he would pay for his fairly expensive health care proposal struck me as a little bit funny. He talked about saving money on administrative costs through technology and moving things off of paper and onto the Internet. The Internet has a lot of potential in this area, but I don’t think bandying buzzwords pays the bills. It’ll be interesting to see if he has a more in depth explanation of how this would work.

In other Internet related comments during the meeting, Vice President Gore apologized for his well publicized gaff when asked to discuss his biggest political mistake (he indicated it was one of the first things that came to mind of the many he’s made). Thinking about his open source website still brings a smile to my face.