Linux and Indigo Girls

1999-11-11 23:27 ☼ post

This week just flew by. Tomorrow after a half day of work I’m headed to Seattle for an Indigo Girls concert.

Hopefully Snoqualmie Pass won’t be too bad tomorrow afternoon. We’ve got our snow tires on…

On the linux scene I’ve managed to successfully load LinuxPPC on that old Mac clone I mentioned a few days ago thanks to some borrowed RAM. It’s looking like some of my problems were being cause by a defective DIMM. I’m going to have to pick up some more RAM and a G3 upgrade pretty soon here.

I started playing with Emacs today at work. I know it’s considered the text editor by a lot of people, but I haven’t touched it since my college days and I actually never used it to do anything back then. Better later than never.

Hey boys and girls! It’s the Home Gene Splicing Kit!