More FPS Stuff

1999-12-05 13:42 ☼ post

MacCentral has the latest word on the Unreal Tournament release. I’m leaning towards buying it when it comes out, although there is a lot of other far more useful software that I may decide to spend my money on before then like Fireworks, REALbasic, or Frontier 6.1.

I caught most of the second half of the Colts Dolphins game and enjoyed it quite a bit. You’ve got to love a close football game like this one. I was especially interested in the Colts after reading this cover article on Payton Manning in Sports Illustrated a couple weeks back. Unfortunately it’s not available on line.

It’s a small net world! I discovered not just one, but two nifty Washington State based Internet comics. Ether Life is the creation of Seattle resident Zach Stroum, while Penny Arcade is the product of two talented fellow Spokane-ites who go by the handles Gabriel and Tycho Brahe. Both comics are very computer geek/gaming oriented, so I found them especially amusing and topical given my recent renewed interest in Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament.