Friday Update

1999-12-17 18:55 ☼ post

At last Friday is here! Work was pretty dead today (finals are over), but I got a really great meal (excellent value) at Cafe Roma, a local Italian restaurant, when we had a goodbye lunch for a staff member who’s leaving.

In gaming news the Mac Quake 3 Arena Demo has finally arrived. Download all 45+ MBs at your leisure. It also looks like the retail version should be available in early January 2000.

A Penny-Arcade solution to the UT vs Q3 debate!

Y2K preparations yet? I’m planning to do full backups of our two main NT Servers at work before shutting them down for the weekend, but I’m not planning to be in the building that weekend. I heard on the radio this morning that 70% of people polled planned to stay home on New Years Eve and hotels have had to drastically discount the pricing on their holiday packages just to attract guests. Two weeks to go!