The Iron Giant

1999-12-19 09:45 ☼ post

I think I’m finally just about recovered from all the shopping that I did earlier today. Thankfully, I’m much closer to being done as well.

My girlfriend and I had planned to go to today’s GU basketball game against Montana, but apparently too many people were free to attend the game this afternoon and we were turned away at the door. I didn’t mind too much since the Bulldogs had already beaten Montana once this season by 16 or so, and missing the game allowed us to do some additional shopping.

I just discovered an interesting cross platform XHTML related product over at It looks like they have some fairly interesting stuff in the works there.

I succeeded in doing a little bit of shopping yesterday, and it looks like I’m about to do some more here. I still have quite a bit to get done in this coming week unfortunately.

I picked up The Iron Giant on DVD while I was shopping yesterday. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s a great animated film with something for kids and adults. It’s also one of the first films to fully integrate a CG character with traditional animation, and does it quite well.