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1999-12-22 07:33 ☼ post

Another day, another weblog entry…

My friend Steve is in town so it’s time for some network computer gaming! He’s been talking up the Mac release of Heroes of Might & Magic III and based on Inside Mac Gaming’s preview it looks fairly appealing to me.

Tycho and Gabriel, two fellow Spokane-ites best known for Penny-Arcade, have a new take on Dickens’ Christmas Carol over at Gamespy. Amusing reading for the computer inclined as usual!

It’s looking like we’re going to miss out on the classic white Christmas here in Spokane based on all the weather forecasts I’ve been hearing and seeing online. For some reason I was expecting quite a bit of snow this year during the winter months, but it certainly hasn’t happened yet.

One interesting thing I noticed about Mozilla Build 12 for the Macintosh yesterday is that it seems to render font point sizes at the same size most Windows machines see things. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or a feature. It does make reading a surprising number of sites easier, Eatonweb being the first that pops into my head.