MacOS X Debut

2000-01-05 10:19 ☼ post

The live webcast is working surprisingly well. I guess that Akamai network technology really works. The new iDrive technology is fairly intriguing. Looks like they’re going to be rolling out Mac OS X throughout the next year with sales starting during the summer (presumably around MacWorld).

Wow! MacOS X looks great! Makes me want to run out and become and Apple Developer so I can get the new betas later this year.

The only disappointing item in the presentation was that the Microsoft Rep sounded like IE 5 for the Macintosh won’t be out until the end of January. I guess their official press release will be in a half hour.

One new IE 5 feature that is definitely a good thing is that there is a mode to make pages render at the 96 dpi industry standard and end the micro font rendering woes that occur when reading PC generated pages. I noticed Mozilla build 12 for the Mac does the same thing a while back as well. Standardization is always a good thing!