MacWorld Keynote

2000-01-05 08:33 ☼ post

I’ve successfully connected to the live web broadcast of Steve Job’s keynote. Boy, do they play some cheezy music while we’re waiting for it to begin.

I am really looking forward to the Macintosh version of Internet Explorer. Hopefully it will be released today sometime, rather than later in the week. I checked the Microsoft Mactopia, but there was no sign as of yet. Of course Steve Job’s keynote address isn’t for another half hour anyway.

Lest everyone think I’m a freakish Microsoft loving Mac user I should point out I’m also really looking forward to the next version of Netscape Communicator, although I wish it was going to be a standalone browser rather than integrated with composer and email. Mozilla build 12 is definitely promising and if the final product works better for me than IE I will make the switch.

Right now I prefer to use IE 4.5 for the Mac, but I’m forced to use Netscape Communicator as well because it works better with Blogger. Communicator also crashes more and seems to want use its own, older Java run time rather than Apple’s newer improved model (which IE uses).