2000-01-06 10:10 ☼ post

Ether Life, Slashdot and More

Ether Life, another Internet comic that I like, is back for the new year with version 2.0.

Cmdr Taco and Hemos over at Slashdot tell all about going public.

Mindvision has a new application launcher out for the Mac called MindControl. I’ve been trying it out this morning and I have to admit that I like it a lot so far. I love being able to launch everything simply by typing in a few keystrokes.

Macintouch has a review of the new Apple iTools. They look fairly cool, especially for new users. Unfortunately they require MacOS 9 and I’m sticking with 8.6 for now (with MacOS X coming out this summer I’d rather spend the $80 on something else).