Tuesday Update

2000-01-11 10:34 ☼ post

Looks like I was born in the year of the sound bite.

This David K. Every column over at MacWeek has an interesting comparison of the value of Apple stock vs. Dell stock. 2000 is going to be a fascinating year for Apple with everything they’ve got in the works.

I’ve been working on Filemaker Pro here at work quite a bit in the last few months. Its simplicity and ease of use makes it well suited for various record keeping tasks we have here in the Gonzaga School of Education. There are definitely times when I wish working with it was a little bit more like traditional programming, but overall I’m quite satisfied with it.

It snowed just enough last night to make the morning drive to work a little bit dicey. Thankfully I only live 10 minutes away (under normal conditions of course). I decided to take the freeway thinking it might be a little more clear than the side streets, but the exit ramp ended up being a bigger mess than I anticipated.