Ceiling Problems

2000-01-14 08:59

Oh joy! My bedroom ceiling sprang a leak this morning thanks to all the rain and snow we’ve received in the last 24 hours. Time to get a hold of the apartment manager I guess.

Yay! My manager is taking care of my dripping ceiling problems. He seems like a pretty good guy. The whole situation actually gives me an excuse to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom a little bit.

Cringely’s latest column mostly talks about his take on the AOL/Time-Warner merger, but the most interesting thing to me was the last paragraph:

“I think Jobs dropped the “I” because Apple didn’t make any hardware announcements at MacWorld. Everyone expected the new high-end notebooks, codenamed Pismo, to be announced, but they weren’t. Instead Apple mumbled some intentions of leveraging its web site, set a new date for MacOS-X, and generally showed off vaporware. The company had to have been worried that investors would react negatively to the hardware delay. So Steve dropped the I” from his title, sending Apple’s stock up when it might have gone down.”