Barber Shops

2000-01-26 08:36 ☼ post

Barber Shops may be in decline (thanks Mr. Barrett), but it’s not for lack of my business. I’ve been going to the same place for the last ten plus year at least. I don’t know if my preferred shop has an actual name- I usually just refer to it as the brothers” since it’s owned and run by two gentlemen siblings. I’m not sure what I’ll do once they close up their business and retire.

While attending college I had the privilege of getting a couple haircuts from a venerable barber by the name of Clarence. He maintained a small barber shop in Moscow, Idaho and I think he had been cutting hair for over sixty years at that point. He finally retired or perhaps even passed away within a year of my visits, but I’ll never forget the clackety clack of the old fashioned vibrating massager that he would run over his customer’s shoulders just prior to finishing a haircut.

It’s a little weird to go to Scripting News and not find it updated. Obviously Dave Winer is probably still on his way to Davos, Switzerland, but I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t been able to get to a web browser to post an update.

Oops! I totally forgot to update yesterday. Weird.

I successfully installed Windows 2k Professional Beta 3 on one of the computers in my office Monday. I haven’t done anything much beyond web browsing to this point, and I doubt I’ll be doing anything that will really stress test the system, but it seems to be working well so far. I definitely like the default colors a lot better than the old NT 4 ones.