MacOS 9 and More

2000-02-04 09:55 ☼ post

Today I acquired a brand new (box and everything) copy of MacOS 9.0 from a friend in exchange for working on his computer yesterday so I’ll probably install that sometime this weekend. Hopefully that will fix my PowerBook’s sleep issues (it has a tendency to freeze while waking up that developed a month or so after I bought it. I investigated the issue a little bit, but rather than spending the time to solve the problem went to the work around of just shutting it off when I transport it.

Dave Winer has posted his latest DaveNet over at Scripting News. It’s a fairly long piece, but it has a lot of interesting stuff on this year’s WEF at Davos and finishes with Dave’s recipe for making money on the Internet. I’m thinking that the plan he discusses is taken directly from what he’s looking to do with

It looks like scientists have made a breakthrough in electro-active polymers that could lead to improved performance in things like, pumps and motors, valves and generators, robot actuators, inkjet printers and flat-panel loudspeakers.” Even cooler, these same materials could eventually be used to create things like a next generation artificial heart.