Assorted Stuff

2000-02-06 15:53 ☼ post

Here’s a fairly complete list of MacOS 9 compatible software updates from MacFixit. Okay, I think I’ve managed to upgrade to MacOS 9 without any serious issues. Now it’s time to track down a few software updates. Now where was that page I saw with a comprehensive list?

Just what is deepleap?

Well, not only am I out of shape, but I’m rusty at NCAA Football 99 as well. The good news is that I was able to win a game after losing my first of the season. My new CycleOps Fluid Trainer works splendidly.

In an effort to start getting back into decent shape I’m going to go shopping for one of these today. Ironically this probably means I’ll start using my Playstation again. I can honestly say that I’ve used it more times while exercising than without.

I’ve been debating a lot lately whether or not I want to get the whole Fireworks/Dreamweaver package or just Fireworks. Decisions, decisions…