2000-02-07 14:35 ☼ post

Looks like iCab does indeed work with Blogger. I checked my iCab preferences and discovered that InScript is not activated by default. Turning it on allows you to publish. Cool!

The new version of iCab is out and it supports JavaScript (or InScript in this case with trademarks and such being what they are). Unlike IE 4.5 for the Mac, it actually seems to work with Blogger as I’m using it right this moment (got to love that German engineering). Oops I spoke too soon, I can post stuff, but the publish button dosen’t do anything. That and there’s still no support for CSS. Still, it’s great to see some third party competition for the big two and it is still in Beta.

In the tradition of EvHead, Megnut and countless other weblogs, I’m hoping to do my own redesign sometime this week. This will of course have to be fit in between work, basketball practice, basketball games, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, eating, spending time with my girlfriend, Ferazel’s Wand, updating my weblog, riding my bike, and everything else. No Mary, those items were not listed by order of importance!

Bye-bye free time, my copy of SMAC for the Mac has arrived.