Software Patent Links

2000-02-28 08:40 ☼ post

Dave Winer has a lot of useful links on the software patent issue today on Scripting News. He points to a very informative article on the issue in the MIT Technology Review. This whole issue just makes me boil.

Great! Blogger, just ate one of my post attempts for the day. Luckily I’ve still got it in my memory banks.

At one point I had a URL for a simple little web application that would take the ISBN code for a given book and list the pricing at several online bookstores (including I’ll have to see if I can track that down again.

No More Pesos For Senor Bezos. I decided to stop shopping at amazon after the One Click patent lawsuit reared its head and anyone who thinks giving a company a monopoly on e-commerce is a bad thing should do the same.