F-22 Raptor

2000-02-29 13:26 ☼ post

Yesterday I was talking with Mary at lunch about something I had read where Bill Bradley had indicated he wanted to eliminate the F-22 Raptor program as a cost saving measure if he was elected. Considering the F-15′s it will replace are about 26 years old and the technological advances we’ve made since they came out (stealth technologies, more powerful computers, thrust vectored engines, classified stuff, etc.), not to mention the money we’ve already invested in developing the F-22 that didn’t strike me as a good course of action. Our conversation moved on to other things that I did actually like about Bradley and I didn’t think anything more of it. Then last night I happened to flip to a program on the Discovery Channel about Air Force test pilots and it spent several minutes discussing and showing footage of the F-22. Nothing like a good coincidence I always say.