Zags March Madness

2000-03-17 10:14

Looks like Mozilla may end up becoming my browser of choice by the time Internet Explorer 5 for the Mac is released. According to this article at MacCentral there’s some confusion at Microsoft as to when it’s going be released and some of their people were even indicating June or July now.

The Zags continued their NCAA tournament winning ways by outshooting Lousiville yesterday. I think tomorrow’s game against St. Johns should be a good one.

Just like last year at this time, March Madness is once again gripping both Spokane and the Gonzaga University campus. Yesterday all three local television stations were out in force around work here and I’m sure they’ll be back tomorrow. It seemed like there were a lot fewer people out and about around campus just prior to game time, I imagine they were all finding spots to watch the big game.