2000-03-20 13:40

For lunch I decided to drive over to the nearby Taco Bell and get my usual 7-layer burrito, medium Dr. Pepper and in today’s case a cheese quesadilla (sometimes I get a bean burrito instead for the third item, but pretty much always the first two). Part of the reason I decided to risk losing my parking spot to go off campus for lunch was so that I could sit in my car and listen to the radio. Since Gonzaga has been doing so well in the men’s tournament I figured the talk radio station I usually listen to would be focusing on that topic as well.

Sure enough, Gonzaga’s basketball team was the dominant theme of today’s broadcast. In the first half hour I got to hear the opinions of a newspaper columnist from Lafayette, Indiana (home of Purdue, Gonzaga’s coming opponent), as well as some discussion of basketball team racial makeup and the adjectives applied to teams (supposedly there was an article in USA Today related to this topic, but I wasn’t able to find it online). The best part of the show to me however, came right after the half hour news break when basketball hall of famer Jerry Lucas called in. I was familiar with the name, but not all that familiar with his history or accomplishments. Apparently since retiring from basketball he’s dedicated his life to developing memorization and learning techniques to help revolutionize education and his web site has all kinds of information on this topic.