Waiting for a PowerBook

2000-03-22 14:52

Still no PowerBook.

Up until the point when the clouds started rolling in, today has been a surprisingly warm spring day. From what I’ve heard we’re supposed to get some rain later on today, but it (like the missing PowerBook) hasn’t shown up quite yet. I think I’ll check the doppler radar and see what’s going on. I just wish their was a website that offered University wide delivery tracking.

On one of the many weblogs I peruse, mthology.com I saw mention of the fact that the Pyra-maniacs are working on a Palm VII app that offers blogger support. Wireless weblogging sounded pretty cool to me so yesterday I signed up with Palm’s developer support to see if I could download the ROMs and stuff that I’d need to play with the emulator at least. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I’ve got a static ip here at Gonzaga we don’t have reverse dns configured and Palm’s cheezy web script couldn’t verify that I was in the US. So after filling out all that info and waiting a day for activation I still couldn’t download the Palm VII ROM since it’s got some form of 128bit encryption and is thus two strong for export. Maybe when I get back home.