Internet Music

2000-04-04 22:03

I’ve really let my music listening habits kind of go by the wayside for a while now. It’s been literally months since I’ve bought a new cd. A new version of the SoundJam came out today though, so I’ve been trying out some icecast mp3 broadcast streams at for the first time tonight.

I think LinuxPPC includes the icecast server as part of their 2000 distribution. I’ll have to play with that down the road.

Pyra’s new Blogger Auto Text Bookmarklet is kind of cool, but will require some creativity on my part to be really useful. I can type fast enough that using it to just insert a pair of common tags like and isn’t completely useful. A longer javascript fragment could be worthwhile though I suppose. One thing I’d really love to see down the road in Blogger is shortcut support a la Userland’s Manila.