Dinner With The Grandparents

2000-04-05 19:36

I may never work in the software industry, but I still find it immensely fascinating to hear what it’s like on the inside. Joel on Software is an exceptional new weblog covering this topic. [via rc3.org]

I’m pretty excited about the new baseball season and the Mariners chances (even without Griffey). My grandparents are big Mariners fans too; last night Mary and I went over to their place for dinner and as an added bonus caught the last few innings of the M’s home opener as well.

One slightly amusing note about the visit: I expected the the M’s game to be on when we arrived at my grandparents, but I was quite surprised to hear that so many of their neighbors seemed to be listening as well when we reached their floor . As we walked down the long hallway toward their apartment we slowly realized that all the game noise was emmanating from their open door. My grandma (who is quite hard of hearing) had the tv on and a radio turned up so high that it carried all the way down the hall. It kind of reminded me of life in the dorms back in college.

At any rate the dinner was great, the M’s lost to Boston 2-0 in a real pitching duel, and I got to help my grandparents figure out some vcr problems they were experiencing. All in all a fun night.