Cancelled Newspaper

2000-04-14 21:00

Ugh. Blogger is down and I have things to write. Guess it’s time to pull out BBEdit and jot some stuff down for some post entry entry (if you know what I mean). It’s up! Copy — Paste here we go!

I cancelled my newspaper today. This was a pretty big step for me. Up till now reading my morning paper has always been essential to my daily routine. So essential in fact that I once got up at 3am just to track down my delivery guy when it mysteriously stopped arriving one week. I suspected my neighbors across the hall were swiping it for some reason, but it turned out that I merely had a new, slightly confused delivery man who seemed to be new to the country as well. What a relief solving that mystery was.

So what changed my mind? Stacks and stacks (and *stacks*) of newpapers overrunning my little apartment for one thing! Well, that and the fact that the high school basketball season is over. Reading about my dad’s team during the winter has always been a pretty major reason to subscribe. But with that over with and just about every article available on the web I think it’s time for a change.