Hanging With Steve

2000-04-17 23:31

My friend Steve is back in town for his brother’s birthday so I spent the evening hanging with him. Unfortunately I’m going to be sore tomorrow as a direct result. We decided to take advantage of the great spring weather and go throw a frisbee around at our old elementary school. Needless to say both our throwing arms were a bit rusty.

Watching Texas get robbed by the umpire in a bizarre double play call in the eleventh inning really put a damper on the 10.5 great innings leading up to that point. I hate the ¥ank€€$. I suppose as a Mariners fan I should be happy New York won though.

Speaking of New York, I heard from Steve that our friend Jesse has been pursuing a position as part of a program that could take him off to the Big Apple. Oddly I had a dream the other night that Jesse was moving back to Spokane from Seattle.