2000-05-18 14:13

Ben Brown is back on his death-of-content soap box once again. Whether his latest diatribe will inspire the weblogging masses remains to be seen. I certainly have aspirations to do more than just daily commentary/link/commentary, but I obviously haven’t done anything about them yet. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of response he gets this time around. I’m betting somebody will post it to Metafilter any moment now.

On a semi-related note about content, one advantage Manila based weblogs have over the Blogger format is built in support for stories. I know that you can whip up something similar within Blogger by creating a new blog specifically for longer stories, but it requires a little bit more work on the user’s part than working within the Manila framework. This is something I’ll definitely be figuring out more about during the new redesign I’ve been talking about forever (can I use moving as an excuse?) and hope to have in place soon.