Sunday Downtown

2000-05-22 00:49 ☼ post

It’s always nice to look at the Fresh Blogs list late at night and see that some of my fellow bloggers are up fiddling around at this hour as well.

Yesterday, I got to spend a few hours visiting with Steve Jungk, one of my best friends from college. He was in town with his family for a wedding and I hadn’t seen him since last August during his brother’s wedding. We walked downtown to grab some lunch at The Olive Garden and shot the breeze about all the various people I hadn’t kept in contact with since college but was still curious about. Unfortunately he had to head back to Seattle shortly afterward.

The contrast between downtown Spokane on a Sunday and downtown Spokane during Saturday night’s Lilac Parade was pretty amazing. I’m guessing less than one percent the number of people that were out for the annual event were on the streets yesterday. The next big downtown event is of course Hoopfest at the end of June. I’m planning to watch a lot of basketball and take a lot of pictures.

Update 8/25/05: I just noticed this morning when looking at my referrer stats that someone using an older Mac came to this page after a google search for steve jungk jason gilman”. It seems likely that I would know anyone that tried that particular search combination; I wonder who it was?