Axodys DSL Day

2000-05-23 10:22 ☼ post

Today is officially Axodys DSL day in celebration of my return to high speed connectivity. Hopefully Damien is having good luck getting setup today as well. Back in August of 1998 when I first signed up with USWest for DSL I also took a day off from work just so that I could be at home when UPS delivered my Cisco 675. I didn’t actually have to do any real configuration at the time, I just plugged it into the wall, set TCP/IP to DHCP and magically I was online. Actually, now that I think about it, I originally received a Netspeed Speedrunner and later had that upgraded to the Cisco 675 model. Externally the two modems were identical because Cisco bought out Netspeed in April of 1998.

Here’s a nice listing of DSL related sites and also one with some specific Cisco 675 configuration information.