To Bike or Not to Bike

2000-06-04 21:09 ☼ post

I’m considering getting out my trusty Trek 7500 SHX for the ride into work tomorrow, but it looks like the weather the rest of the week isn’t going to be as conducive to riding. Riding home in the middle of a thunderstorm doesn’t sound that appealing.

One definite downside to my new apartment in terms of getting my bike outside is that it’s located on the fourth floor. At my previous residence I was on the third floor and carrying it up the two flights of stairs wasn’t that much of a problem. Here at the Roosevelt Apartments I’m pretty much forced to use the elevator because of my location on the fourth floor, and it’s the old fashioned Otis open the two doors yourself” kind which is a huge pain when you’re trying to simultaneously maneuver a bicycle.