Mac Hard Drive Hardware

2000-06-09 15:28 ☼ post

I’ve got a 4GB ide hard drive sitting on a shelf at home so I decided to do a little research and see what kind of ide pci cards are available for the Macintosh. What I discovered was fairly disappointing. While PC users can pick up a fairly powerful Promise card for $28 at right now, Mac users are stuck with the relatively pricey TurboMax UltraDMA ATA/66 which is going for $145 at OWC at the moment. Rumor had it last year that a company was developing the necessary firmware for Promise cards, but nothing seems to have come out that yet.

Most likely I’ll still end up getting the TurboMax (unless a cheaper alternative appears) simply because the price/capacity/performance combination of IDE/ATA/UltraDMA completely blows SCSI out of the water these days from what I’m seeing at OWC.