Cube Doubts

2000-07-19 13:31 ☼ post

Based on the starting price of $1800 for the new Apple G4 Cube I’m somewhat doubtful that it will be a hit on the order of the iMac. Sure it looks great, but if I was getting a G4 of some kind I’d just as soon spend the extra money and get the dual model now that they’re available. Various benchmarks for general application use up to this point have found G3′s to be very comparable and sometimes faster than the G4 unless you’re performing tasks in applications that specifically takes advantage of AltiVec (shoot, I’ve already forgotten the stupid marketing name Apple coined) like Photoshop or SoundJam. That should change to some extant with MacOS X and its more general support for the Velocity Engine commands (stupid, stupid name- guess my memory isn’t that bad after all), but two G4′s are always going to be better than one, especially under OS X with its built in multiprocessor support.