Lunch Musings

2000-08-17 12:54 ☼ post

It’s always nice when Taco Time gets your Veggie Burrito right. Last time I went by their nearest they slipped me a meat burrito when I wasn’t looking. I was moderately annoyed at the time, but I salvaged what I could and moved on to my mexi-fries (little Mexican flavored potato cylinders). Today’s meal was much less eventful.

Last night for the first time ever I watched 90% of a Survivor episode. I missed the big scuffle between the ladies because I was adjusting the antenna (sorry Mary), but rest of the show was still entertaining enough to keep me watching. And yes, I’m planning on tuning in for the final episode. Even though I haven’t been tuning in regularly, I know (and have been talking to) enough people that have been watching that I didn’t have any problems jumping right in.