Ev’s Pyra News

2001-02-01 10:25 ☼ post

Sad news about Pyra from Ev.

I made a powerful discovery about Linux this morning that’s especially funny in light of what I said about my LinuxPPC server uptime earlier this week. Specifically, you can run any task in the background that you like simply by placing an & after the command. This is very useful if you’re launching something like Zope for instance and would like to be able to move onto other tasks. Poor newbie that I was, I had always launched Zope as a foreground task and had to login remotely to accomplish anything else on the server. I actually recall thinking that there had to be a better way when I first started playing with Zope, but it was working so I left it. At any rate I figured it out eventually and that’s fairly satisfying in itself.