Fun With MiniDV

2001-03-13 10:17 ☼ post

Now that the high school basketball season is over I have a lot more free time to fiddle around with a few different computer projects I’ve been interested in exploring like digital video via FireWire. We just received a new Panasonic PV-DV400 here at work and I’m especially looking forward to playing with Apple’s iMovie 2 software in conjunction with it. Guess it’s time to clear up some hard drive space!

On a related note: MiniDV tapes aren’t particularly cheap from what I’ve seen so far. Last night I bought a couple at CompUSA for around $11 each. I’m sure prices will drop quite a bit in the next several years as the format penetrates the market, but until then, buying in bulk online is probably the most cost effective route. Definitely an area I’m going to have to look into.