More Radio Userland

2001-03-14 14:41 ☼ post

I spent a relaxing lunch exploring some of Radio Userlands inner workings, specifically its Desktop Website Tools. It’s actually remarkably simple to incorporate your own tools. I don’t have any specific ideas for new tools at the moment, but I’ll probably play with customizing some of the four example tools.

I’m also curious about the built in weblog tool. I’ll probably start playing with that soon as well. I know from the cursory glance that I gave it a few days back that it supports uploading to a Manila server or just straight ftp to a static host. It would really rock if it supported Blogger as well. Based on some things that Dave Winer has written in the past I know he’s at least considered the idea.

In the how on Earth did this slip in under my radar department: Grey Matter looks like an awesome perl 5 based blog/journal management system. I’m going to have to fire up MacOS X so I can play with this.