2001-04-08 23:32 ☼ post

Looks like the Mariners have a new web page design since I last stopped by. In my estimation it’s an improvement over the previous edition.

Nope, I spoke too soon. It requires java in places and complained about not having Flash (perhaps I need to update to the latest and greatest). Annoying.

Mary and I headed over to the west side of the state this weekend to visit her sister so I decided to bring along the Panasonic PV-DV400 MiniDV camcorder from work and put it to use. I recorded a lot of random scenic footage during the drive along I-90, but didn’t bother to look at it until we got back home from our trip. Much to my dismay, using long rather than slow play mode seems to have resulted in four to five large horizontal bands of pixelation across all of the recordings. I’m not sure if it was simply a problem with the tape I used not being of high enough quality or a flaw with this particular camera, but I received a good reminder that technology does not always work as expected.