Greymatter Update

2001-05-04 09:24 ☼ post

Although I’ve succeeded in importing all my previous entries into Greymatter I’m still running into a problem when it comes to Greymatter updating the individual archive pages. When rebuilding entries it starts out great (roughly 90 entries per minute), but then completely tapers off around entry 134 (roughly 4 entries per minute) and eventually times out completely. Considering I currently have almost 700 entries this is fairly bothersome.

I’ve gone over my entries in the 100 to 150 range to see if there are any formatting bugs that might be tripping Greymatter up, but I haven’t seen anything conclusive. I’ve poked around the cgi scripts a tiny bit, as well, but I’m somewhat doubtful that the problem lies there as I haven’t heard other people complaining about the problem on the message boards.

Aside from the entry issue my two remaining tasks related to Axodys involve creating a new layout and than moving everything over to my new ISP. Hopefully I will be able to take accomplish both tasks over the weekend.