Random Quickies

2001-05-07 11:29 ☼ post

Track the travels of your cash using www.wheresgeorge.com. I’ll have to play with this at some point. It looks like there are a lot of people participating so I’m surprised I hadn’t come across this before. Hmm… looks like it was mentioned on Metafilter back on January 8.

Confluence.org is another nifty Internet project that I found via the previous Metafilter link. The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. The pictures and stories will then be posted here.”

It looks like there are at least a few confluences in Eastern Washington that haven’t been visited yet so Mary and I could take some day hiking trips I bet. I’ve wanted to get a GPS for a while, maybe I should start doing research again on inexpensive models that support Macs (and hopefully direct USB connections).