Mac IE 5.1.1 is out!

2001-05-23 12:50 ☼ post

Microsoft just released Mac IE 5.1.1 prerelease for MacOS X today via the the Software Update control panel. I’m running it now and it seems to have fixed most of the annoying little glitches that kept me from using the previous version. This should cut down on my Classic use dramatically as I was still using the old IE 5 the majority of the time. OmniWeb is cool in a lot of ways, but it’s standard compliance is not there yet.

Hmm. I should try going to someplace with PDF files so I can see how the Acrobat 5 integration is.

Looks like it just downloads pdfs at this point. Internet Explorer 5.1.1 seems to just be a package file (which is the OS X way after all) without any folders for storing plug-ins. On closer inspection using Terminal I’ve found a plug-ins folder, but I don’t think I’ll mess with things at this point.